Laboratory of Wood Panels

Laboratorij za drvne ploče

Main activities of the Laboratory for Wood Panels (LAP) of the Institute for Material Technologies include:

Determination of physical and mechanical features of the solid wood panels, plywood panels, chipped wood panels and branches wall panels:

  • Panel dimensions (HRN EN 324-1:2003, HRN 324-2:2003)
  • Water content (HRN EN 322:2003)
  • Density (HRN EN 323:2008)
  • Thickness Swelling (HRN EN 317:2000)
  • Measure changes due to changes in the humidity (HRN EN 318:2008)
  • Cyclic moisture resistance (HRN EN 321:2008)
  • Moisture resistance - cooking test (HRN EN 1087-1:1999)
  • Flexural strength and modulus of elasticity of flexural strength (HRN EN 310:1999)
  • Surface strength (HRN EN 311:2008)
  • Compressive strength quality (HRN EN 314:2008)
  • Tensile strength perpendicular to the panel surface (HRN EN 319:1999)

Determination of the amount of free formaldehyde in wood-based panel materials:

  •  The perforator method  (HRN EN 120:2000)
  • bottle method (HRN EN 717-3:2002)

Research and development of new test methods for wood-based panel materials

Laboratory design and testing of experimental wood panels



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