Department of Wood Technology

Department of Wood Technology

The Department of Wood Technology at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology was founded in 1948 and since then it has been providing the education of qualified personnel required for the development of the industrial wood processing and furniture production in Croatia.

The Wood Technology Studies at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb are the only university studies of such type in Croatia.  From the date of its establishment it has been of a great importance in education as well as in research activities related to wood as material, to its mechanical processing and chemical treating, to wood products, equipment and machinery required in wood technology, and to the organizational and economic matters.  In addition to many different activities such as active participation in and coordination of the domestic and international scientific conferences, the Department of Wood Technology has also been publishing the scientific and professional journal “Drvna Industrija”/ “Wood Industry”. The Department of Wood Technology combines the teaching, scientific, research and highly professional work of all teachers, associates, scientists and researchers of the Department of Wood Technology of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology.

In addition to the undergraduate studies which provide the basic knowledge of a wide range of topics related to Technical and Natural Sciences, as well as the expert knowledge and skills required by the modern development of the industrial enterprises, the Department of Wood Technology offers also the possibility for professional development at the graduate and postgraduate studies as the logical sequence of studies at a higher-education institution not only for students, but also for those who have completed the graduate studies in the field of Technical, Biotechnical or Natural Sciences.

The following Institutes are located within the Department of Wood Technology:

  • Institute for Wood Science
  • Institute of Materials Technology
  • Institute of Production Organisation
  • Institute of Processes Engineering
  • Institute of Furniture and Wood Products

Laboratories of the Department of Wood Technology

  • Laboratory for Anatomical Properties and Wood Preservation
  • Laboratory for Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood
  • Laboratory of Wood Panels
  • Laboratory of Hydrothermal Treatment of Wood and Wood Materials
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Industrial Systems
  • Laboratory of Mechanical Wood Processing
  • Laboratory of Noise and Vibration Measurements
  • Laboratory for Furniture and Furniture Parts Testing
  • Laboratory for Wood in Construction

As already demonstrated before, the Department of Wood Technology will still be carrying out big and responsible tasks related to the education, science and research, as well as to the field of publicist writing, and will continue transferring the research activities results into the wood industry practice with the view to further improving the development of the wood industry in Croatia. 


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