Laboratory of dendrochronology and measurement of forest resources


Laboratory activity is mostly related to tree-ring analysis and to the dynamics of tree growth and increment.  In the laboratory different dendrochronological researches are carried out, such as researches in dendroclimatology, dendroecology and dendroarchaeology.  For the purposes of the aforementioned researches, sampling, preparation and photographing even of the most demanding samples of wood in fresh or in dry conditions are carried out.  Within the laboratory, the new and more efficient methods of analysing and measuring forest resources on a tree, stand, economic unit level, as well as on a national level, are being implemented.   

Sustav za fotografiranje i determiniranje uzoraka

Main Equipment

Among the most important equipment, there is Leica M50 stereolupe and Lintab 6 bare table with TSAP-Win and PAST programme packages for measurement and analysis of tree-rings, a refrigerator for the storage and conservation of fresh wood samples and archaeological material.  Various specialized drilling bits for wood sampling.  Macro photography accessories. Ultrasonic rangefinders/altimeters, examples, electronic/digital and analogue dendrometers, monitoring system for water movement in the trees, climate stations and soil-water monitoring sensors, intended for field research.


Poslijediplomski doktorski studij šumarstva i drvne tehnologije