Incoming Students

Student exchange programmes mean the accomplishment of a part of a study programme (mostly a semester) at a university abroad or engaging in a professional traineeship at an authority/institution/ enterprise abroad.

Exchange students are students participating in a formal exchange programme between their home university and the University of Zagreb (i.e. Erasmus+, CEEPUS, Bilateral agreements etc.)

Incoming students can choose courses from the list „Courses in English Available to incoming students in Academic Year 2023./2024.“ in this catalogue, published on Faculty’s website. Courses in catalogue are divided according to study level (undergraduate or graduate) and according to Faculty sections (Forestry, Wood Technology). All courses are awarded with credits using the ECTS system.

Accommodation or information about SCZG student dormitories:

IMPORTNAT NOTE: In case of the ERASMUS+ Student Mobility for Studies, the application for the student residence is a part of the online application for an exchange.


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