Laboratory of Industrial Systems

The Industrial Systems Laboratory is a scientific, research and development centre of excellence in the Wood Technology Department of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Institute of Production Organisation.

It is the source of new ideas, concepts and methods in the fields of production management, development, trade of wood and wood products, organization of production, production and business processes, production and business management and quality and cost management. It also deals with the problems of developing, researching, designing and transferring new concepts and knowledge to the companies specialized in wood processing and furniture production.
The programme of the laboratory activities is carried out through the creation of studies, projects and surveys.  In addition, it conducts direct consultations, organizes and conducts educational activities through seminars and consultations directly at companies.

The Laboratory of Industrial Systems has developed a great collaboration and consulting services with companies specialized in wood processing and furniture production in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.  As a part of the Institute of Production Organization affiliated with similar departments (institutes) in Europe, the knowledge transfer from the developed world institutes and faculties to the domestic wood processing and furniture production occurs much faster, and in the activities related to project and educational work, recognized Croatian and foreign associates are deployed when needed.


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