Graduate Studies - Programme: Close to Nature Forestry

The duration of study program is four semesters (2 years, 120 ECTS-credits). It is a graduate university study program (single major). This program is fully accredited and meets the requirements of the European Bologna system. Successful graduates receive the title " mag. ing. nat. silv." (Master of Close to Nature Forestry).

The study program is conducted by lecturers with many years of experience in teaching and with a personal approach to each student. Classes are held in the modern and fully equipped classrooms and laboratories. Study program includes practical work in the field, in Faculty’s own forests, that is, Training and Forest Research Centres, which are located throughout Croatia, from lowland and floodplain areas to mountainous and coastal regions; and also in forests managed by our partners (national parks, state-owned forests, etc.).


Enrolment requirements: Completed undergraduate study of forestry, biology, ecology, environmental protection, or similar study programme.


Study fees: 4.100 euros / year


Language of the study program: English


Manner of implementation of the study program: Classes are held in person. There is no possibility of remote studying.


Application: Applications are submitted via online form. The submissions are considered until the August 31st for the upcoming academic year starting at the beginning of the October. Please follow the instructions and read all texts carefully.


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Žarko, Croatia:

I would especially like to highlight the field classes, thanks to which I gained practical knowledge and got to know Croatia better


Juraj, Croatia:

In the relationship with the employees of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, there is an atmosphere of strong connection and collegiality with constant improvement of theoretical knowledge in field application.


Helena, Croatia

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology creates people who perceive, think and preserve natural resources.






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