Graduate Studies - Programme: Techniques, Technologies and Management in Forestry

The duration of graduate studies is four semesters (2 years, 120 ECTS-credits).

More about the enrolment in Graduate Forestry Studies

Upon completion of graduate studies and final thesis defence, the student receives a university diploma stating the completion of studies and the acquisition of an academic title according to the programme of studies: Master’s degree in Forest Engineering - Techniques, Technologies and Management in Forestry

The skills acquired by completing these programme studies: the knowledge of mechanical means, techniques and standard high quality technologies applied in forestry, primarily in forest harvesting from natural, even-aged and uneven-aged forest stands, cultures, plantations and energy woods, the knowledge of main and secondary wood products and their movement from their point of production to the market by means of the off-road transportation and through the network of forest and public roads, the knowledge of the preparing and planning methods for technical works in forestry, methods, techniques and technology of forest opening, ie the design and construction of a forest road network, the choice of mechanical means and technologies based on cost analysis and other criteria, the knowledge of the forest, human and technical potential management, marketing knowledge related to forest wood products and secondary forest products. The candidate additionally masters the applied knowledge of ecology, forest protection and forest management.

The Studies develop student’s competence and ability to manage and make independent and team-oriented expert (business) decisions, and the ability to involve in doctoral studies and in scientific expert courses.

Job competences and qualifications: forestry jobs of  a greater complexity from the Forest Office to Forest District as vertically the lowest structural forest units, forestry jobs under the competency of county and republic institutions, inspections services,  duties and tasks related to forestry entrepreneurship, jobs and duties in development, scientific and educational institutions, the traffic of forest products on domestic and foreign markets, the traffic of equipment, the duties of a professional publicist writing and media related to the profession.


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