Undergraduate Studies

The duration of undergraduate studies is six semesters (3 years, 180 ECTS-credits). 

More about the enrolment in Undergraduate Forestry Studies

Upon completion of the undergraduate studies, the student receives a certificate stating the completion of studies and the acquisition of a title according to the course of studies:  University degree of Bachelor (baccalaureus/baccalaurea) in Forest Engineering

Forestry is a profession, science and art of managing and preserving forest ecosystems for the permanent welfare of society, environment and economy.  Accordingly, the students of undergraduate and graduate studies are instructed to manage forest ecosystems from the biological, ecological, technical and economic point of view.

Programme of Undergraduate Studies in Forestry is designed in a way that it leads the student in a logical sequence from the fundamental biological and technical disciplines, over the introductory disciplines to the components of the forest ecosystems and forest management techniques, to those disciplines that complete the knowledge about forest and forest land management.

The skills acquired by completing these programme studies: full proficiency as forest district manager, expert associates in forestry professions, duties in forest inventory, participating in the implementation of the forest management program, all professional field works on establishing, tending and regeneration of forest stands, knowledge of mechanical means, techniques and standard technologies applicable in forestry - first of all in forest harvesting from natural forests, forest cultures and plantations. Furthermore, a bachelor of forestry is qualified for expert works on melioration and landscaping of forest areas in the Mediterranean area, protection of forests from abiotic and biotic factors, especially from fires, management of  professional activities related to the implementation of hunting management plans and programmes, organization of hunting grounds, collaboration in the preparation of the environmental studies and zoning plans, technique and technology of forest road construction, sales of wood assortments, organization of production in forestry, safety in forestry work.  He/she has been trained for individual works in sectors of private enterprise and forest district management system, as well as for the teamwork in all other activities related to the professions in forestry, nature and environment protection.

With a Bachelor's degree of Forestry students are prepared for their professional development by  participating in various seminars and workshops during their practical experience, and during their regular studies they get completely qualified to continue their studies at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in graduate studies with the programmes in Silviculture and Management Planning with Wildlife Management, and in Technique, Technologies and Management in Forestry.

New entrants to the undergraduate studies in forestry are getting qualified to be able to, under certain conditions, get involved in the undergraduate studies in Urban Forestry, Nature and Environment Protection at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and to the undergraduate studies of related faculties of Biotechnical Sciences.



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