Skills and job competencies achieved upon the completion

Skills achieved upon the completion of the study program:
Masters of Close to Nature Forestry are equipped for activities in the fields of forestry, ecology and nature conservation. They are competent for the management and conservation of forest ecosystems at the global level, based on the sustainable management and use of natural resources. They are qualified for an integral approach to forest management, taking into account many services that forests provide (such as climate, biological diversity, circular economy built on biological foundations, social and cultural services) and for quickly resolving numerous challenges.

They are also trained and equipped to:

  • develop and implement forest ecosystem management plans and programmes,
  • develop, organize and implement strategic plans and more complex tasks in forestry,
  • manage and make independent business decisions in the areas of silviculture, forest protection, forest management and exploitation, and wildlife management
  • organize and implement professional field tasks to establish, cleaning, thinning and regeneration of forest stands
  • organize and implement works in forest inventory and pruning
  • organize and implement works to protect forests from abiotic and biotic factors
  • draft ecological studies and implement ecological forest monitoring
  • apply knowledge of mechanical means, techniques, and technologies in performing forestry works
  • apply knowledge of techniques and technologies to open forests and build forest roads
  • apply knowledge on the main and secondary forestry products and ecosystem services
  • apply methods to prepare, plan and organize works in forestry
  • manage forestry, human and technical resources in conducting forestry works
  • improve the existing technology and introduce new technologies
  • plan, organize and implement production organization tasks in forestry
  • plan and calculate production, calculate the basic business success indicators, draft basic financial reports, recognize types of costs, define and analyse costs
  • manage the most complex tasks in all forms of forestry organizations
  • perform the duties of a scientific and professional associate in scientific research institutions in the field of forestry

Job competencies and qualifications:
Upon completion of the graduate university study programme Close to Nature Forestry, the Master of Close to Nature Forestry is trained for work in private companies, public and private sector in the profession. They are equipped to perform the most complex tasks in all forms of forestry organisms, from districts to complex companies, county and national inspectorates, forestry and hunting advisory services, as expert associates in research institutions in the field of forestry and hunting, directors, managers and supervisors in protected natural areas, managers and associates in the trade of forest products, tasks in forestry business, teachers in professional secondary and similar schools, tasks in publishing and the media associated with the forestry profession.





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