Department of Wood Technology

Institute of Furniture and Wood in Construction

Head of Institute: prof. Vlatka Jirouš Rajković, PhD

Office assistant: Dubravka Cvetan

Location: IV. Pavilion, 2. Floor, left wing


Fax: +385 1 2352 531


Scientific Activity

The scientific and research activities of the Institute is focused on the design and research of furniture and other wood products construction and technologies. The employees of the Institute are engaged in the research of healthy sleeping and sitting, the design and construction of wood products, the research of adhesive compounds. They are engaged in surface modification of wood, research of the stability of new coatings and adhesives on modified and unmodified wood, wettability and wood surface energy, photodegradation of wood surface and interdisciplinary research in the field of biomechanics, ergonomics, as well as in the application of new materials in the field of furniture for indoor and outdoor use.


Services and Products

  • Laboratory for Wood in Construction: Testing the quality of wooden floor covering, surface treatment of wooden floors, adhesives for wooden floors of selected physical wood properties;
  • Laboratory for Furniture and Furniture Parts Testing (LIN): Testing of furniture quality, of coatings and furniture parts, of children playgrounds and equipment;
  • CNC Technology Workshop: Training to work with CNC machines/ in Machining centres, training to work with CAM software, programming services for the CNC machining centres, creation of patterns and prototypes.
  • Projects with the economy sector: design and planning of and/or product development, expert opinions, topic-related lectures.


History of the Institute

The activities of construction and technology of finished wood products have been exercised at the Chair of Mechanical Wood Processing since its foundation. The number of courses taught in this field of studies was increasing with the time and the need for a separate Chair arose. The procedure for establishing the Chair of Final Wood Treatment was launched on November 3, 1978, and it began operating only in 1980. Associate prof. Boris Ljuljka was nominated the Head of the youngest Chair of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at that time.  The Chair of Final Wood Treatment changed its name to the Institute of Construction and Technology of Wood Products in 1995, and since 2005 it has been named the Institute of Furniture and Wood Products. In the following years the Chair experienced an intensive development of its professional and scientific research capacities. Upon the cessation of work of the Wood Institute in 1991, furniture testing equipment was relocated to the Chair, which stimulated a rapid development of Laboratory for Furniture and Furniture Parts Testing (LIN). With the establishment of the Laboratory for Wood in Construction (LDG) in 2005 the scientific and professional development of the Institute is further strengthened. In 2009 LDG becomes the first accredited laboratory of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, and in 2011 also LIN receives the accreditation. From 2013 to 2015, as a part of the implementation of the IPA project "Increasing the Competitiveness of the Croatian Wood Flooring Industry on the EU Market", LDG was provided with the new space and equipment, and consequently with even better working conditions.


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