Dean’s Foreword

Dean’s Foreword

Dear Colleagues, future students of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, welcome to our Faculty!

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology is an internationally recognized institution for the education of a highly skilled personnel required in the fields of forestry, wood processing and furniture production. The Faculty is a place of continuous education and growth of intellectuals of a wide spectrum of knowledge, distinguished by their work not only in the field of their profession but also in the Croatian society. The whole glorious past and the predecessors of the Faculty are woven into the current activities of the Faculty.  It is your responsibility to accept it and to continue that way.  We are a well-known profession that has its own written rules and values, but also the unwritten ones which you will learn in practice. We are known for our bonds and solidarity.
On this occasion, I would like to highlight the key moments in the development of forestry, wood processing and furniture production to make you objectively evaluate where are you heading to.
Modern Forestry is a science, a business and the art of managing and preserving forests and related forest lands to provide lasting benefits for the economy, society and environment.  It implies the balanced management of forest resources for obtaining the optimum yield of forest products, managing the animal and plant world, conserving the abundant reserves of clean water, creating an attractive and recreational environment in natural as well as urban areas, and in providing various services and products for instance in tourism, sports etc.

Wood technology is a science and a profession, and it is defined as an integrated application of natural and technical sciences to produce products from a renewable natural resource - wood. The particularity of this scientific field and profession lies in the fact that it deals with the development and design of new wood and wood-material based products, as well as with the specific process and production technologies applied for the treatment and processing of the products, suited to the biomaterials requirements. In addition to that, the field of Wood Technology is becoming increasingly important due to the use of biomass resources as eco-friendly energy resources.  Forestry, wood processing and furniture production offer economic, developmental and social benefits and opportunities. They are a significant source of employment and economic prosperity in our country and in the world. However, if carefully balancing with the multifunctional role of forests.  Sustainability and multi-functionality of forests must be directed towards the function of the sustainable development and an eco-friendly and efficient industry based on wood processing. When deciding to enrol in our Faculty, carefully evaluate your expectations and the opportunities of the profession we are educating for, because you are making the most important life decision.
Finally, should you decide to enrol in the studies at our Faculty, you should know that you will be involved in interesting and high-quality studies in collaboration with the teachers, and with huge opportunities to join the international cooperation networks of European faculties of Forestry through different forms of direct collaboration.

Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology


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