Laboratory of Hydro-thermal Processing of Wood and Wood Materials

Main activities of the Laboratory of Hydrothermal Treatment of Wood and Wood Materials (HIDRALAB) of the Institute of Materials Technology include:

  • Testing of hydro-thermal processing of wood and wood materials
  • control, evaluation and determination of water content in wood by standard and non-standard methods
  • determination of macro and microclimate conditions for natural drying and log-yard  organization
  • design and development of classic and unconventional drying methods
  • Plant steaming room design
  • Creating and modifying the wood drying regimes
  • Assistance in the selection of drying technology
  • Implementing the drying quality standards
  • Selecting the wood bending parameters
  • Detecting the mistakes in hydrothermal treatment of wood and preventing their occurrence
  • Reducing the wood drying process
  • drying costs calculation

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