Accredited tests

Physical and mechanical wood properties

  • Hardness (HRN EN 1534:2008)
  • Density (HRN ISO 3131:1999)
  • Moisture content by gravimetric method (HRN EN 13183-1:2008)
  • moisture content by electrical resistance method (HRN EN 13183-2:2008)
  • sampling procedure for conformity assessments  (HRN EN 14762:2008)
  • Determination of the dimensional and design properties (HRN EN 13647:2008)

Aesthetic features of all types of wooden flooring

Surface properties related to the CE marking of floor elements

  • Floor slip resistance testing – pendulum test (DIN CEN/TS 15676:2008-02)
  • Determination of the dimensional stability (HRN EN 1910)

Other surface properties (especially of varnishes) of wooden floors

  • Film thickness
  • Elasticity
  • wear and shock resistance (HRN EN 13696:2010),
  • resistance of the surface to chemical agents (HRN EN 13442:2008),

Adhesive Strength (HRN EN 14293:2007) of the adhesive for wooden floor elements


Accreditation Certificate and Scope of Accreditation


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