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About the Institute

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Scientific Activity and Projects

The Institute for Production Organization is a scientific, developmental and teaching center of excellence at the Department of Wood Technology at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. It is the source of new ideas, concepts and methods in the fields of production management, development, trade of wood and wood products, marketing, organization of production, production and business processes, production and business management and quality and cost management. 
The Institute for Production Organization has established a partnership system of cooperation with the students of the undergraduate, graduate, specialist and postgraduate studies in their research, development and scientific work through the production of a large number of assessment papers. So far, over 500 students have graduated from the Institute. Particularly organized are the Postgraduate Specialist Studies in Organization of Production and the Doctoral Studies. 30 students graduated with the master’s degree and 29 with the doctorate degree from the Institute.  The employees of the Institute are the founders and the creators of the international scientific association for economics and management WoodEMA, i.a. operating since 2007. Assistant prof.  Darko Motik, PhD, served as the Acting President of the mentioned association in the mandate period from 2012-2014. The current Acting President is Andreja Pirc Barčić, PhD, and prof.  Denis Jelačić, PhD is the first and present Secretary.

Professional Activity

The programme of activities of the Institute consists of the creation of studies, projects and surveys in the field of the organization of production, marketing, market research, controlling and analysing the production costs, quality control and human resources management.  In addition, it conducts direct consultations, organizes and conducts educational activities through seminars and consultations directly at companies of the wood processing sector at home and abroad.

 Services and Products

  • Development of the pre-investment and investment studies
  • Auditing in the traceability of wood and wood products under FSC and PEFC certification schemes
  • Business plan development for entrepreneurs
  • Project management
  • Personnel planning and training in companies
  • Enterprise market research
  • Enterprise marketing planning

History of the Institute

The roots of the Institute can be found in the curriculum of the College of Economy and Forestry in Križevci in 1860, that included the courses in Forestry Accounting, Forestry Bookkeeping and National Economy. By transferring the studies of forestry to the University of Zagreb in 1898 and establishing the Academy of Forestry, the beginnings of the Institute operations are seen in the following subjects: Forest Management, Accounting and Statistics, Forest Resources Evaluation, and later on, with the extension of the Forestry Studies, the courses in National Economy and Wood Trade were established.  The foundation of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in 1919 increased the proportion of the subjects related to the sectors of organization and economy.  With the first bifurcation in 1947 arose also courses in Forestry Bookkeeping, Forestry Economics, Organization of Forestry Management and Organization of Forestry Industrial Enterprises.


The second bifurcation introduced the courses in the organization and economics in wood processing and furniture production. Prof. Roko Benić, PhD. was systematically involved in the organization of work in wood industry. The first manual covering the subject of the organization of production in wood processing and furniture production was published by prof. Benić in 1971 under the title “Organization of Work in Wood Industry”.  Until 1990 the courses from the group of organizational subjects were taught within the Chair of Forest Utilization in the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb. In 1991 with the adoption of the new Statute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in Zagreb, a part of the teachers from the Chair of Forest Utilization move to the home Department of Wood Technology where they founded the Chair for the organization of production in wood industry. The first Head of Chair becomes prof. dr.h.c. Mladen Stjepan Figurić, PhD.  The mentioned Chair is the first modern foundation of the present Institute for Production Organization in the Department of Wood Technology at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology in Zagreb. 


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