Quality Policy

The Laboratory for Wood in Construction (LDG) provides its customers superior service quality testing of products using accredited and other methods for which the LDG is qualified, and ensuring continuous training of its employees.
The laboratory staff work independently and in accordance with legal requirements, documentation of LDG, usance of profession and according to their best professional conscience. The laboratory staff continuously restrains from involvement in any activity that could lead to possible conflicts of interest. The scope of working activities is defined in the labs documentation for all staff involved in products testing.
Personnel and organizations that do not participate in the activities of LDG have no influence on the test results.
The purpose of the management system, considering quality, is the implementation of product testing according to a clearly defined test requirement given by the customer, using quality and proven equipment, maintaining continuous communication with customers while allowing customer presence during testing at all times and securing impartial resolution of complaints. All of the above mentioned aims to preserve the interests of the customer, a third party user of the product and / or services, as well as the interests of LDG.
Access to confidential data is available only to laboratory staff who particularly restrains from presenting any information that might adversely affect the business of its customers and / or the Laboratory. Restraint from presenting these information relates to both the active and the former staff of the Laboratory.
The LDG staff is familiar with the complete documentation of the quality system, and is obliged to implement its policies and procedures in their work.
The LDG Management is obliged to fulfill the requirements of HRN EN ISO / IEC 17025 with the purpose of continuous improvement of the quality system effectiveness and regular renewal of accreditation.
All members of the Laboratory support and guarantee the implementation of its policies and objectives with their signature.


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