Forestry Library

Head of Library: prof. Marisstella Octek

e-mail: knjiž


The History of the Library

By the end of the18th century, the first educational booklets on forestry appear in the Croatian language.  The first closed-type forestry library was operating in Križevci. Since 1921 at the Faculty of Economy and Forestry the Library of the Forestry Research Institute has been developed, the Institute that was promoting forestry sciences and forestry holding. With the launch of the scientific journal “Glasnik za šumske pokuse”(Herald for Forestry Experiments) in 1926, a significant interlibrary collaboration was initiated that made the Library stock its shelves.

The Library Stock

The Forestry Library Stock is rich in textbooks, journals, doctoral, master's, specialist and graduate works in the field of forestry and wood technology, and contains a reference (manual) collection and professional literature in foreign languages. The oldest books in the library’s holdings are from the second half of the 18th century.
In addition to that, the Library stock contains the scientific books of the authors-scientists at the Faculty which have been published on CROSBI (Croatian Scientific Bibliography), as well as presented and stored in the NSK (National and University Library).
All editions of scientific and specialist journals of forestry and wood science are presented and  available on the portal HRČAK.
Master theses and doctoral dissertations of the Faculty scientists, as well as scientific papers defended at the Faculty are summarized on CROSBI and available for consultation in the library.
The libraries buy-out was occasionally organized by MST/ MSES. (Ministry of Science and Technology/ Ministry of Science, Education and Sports).

The Library Stock was initially organized in the CROLIST library system and it’s network search was available through the NSK (National and University Library) catalogue. Consequently, the materials started to be processed in ISIS program and the implementation of WINISIS program made the catalogue of the Library accessible online on the Natural Science Catalogue within the MST/ MSES project:  Scientific Information System.
Due to the introduction into this system in 1997 the library modernization process was accelerated and through the realization of this project, the library got its own websites.

Since 2005, the Forestry Library Catalogue has no longer been available online. The information about the library material can be obtained via e-mail or/and phone and in the Library itself.

Integrated Library System

Due to the new requirements of the NSK (NSL) educational system, in 2009 the introduction of the new integrated library system was launched and supported by the University of Zagreb with a view to gradually introducing it also to its constituent libraries.  The Integrated Library System of the National and University Library in Zagreb as well as of the higher education and scientific libraries of the Republic of Croatia, comprises currently the libraries of 32 institutions within the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia.

The system is based on the application of the integrated Aleph library system, MARC 21 Format, the central normative control, the national curriculum system, and Thesaurus.
New technologies have enabled the connection of a large number of physically distant libraries, and all databases of the old systems have been copied to the new one that provides all libraries from one spot with greater capabilities and with a safer and more efficient computer-assisted support. However, in order to work better and more efficiently in the common system, the Forestry Library started a project of implementing a new library catalogue of its stock in 2011.
Users can access the system through the Library Catalogue.

The most numerous users of the Library currently are the students of the Faculty of Forest, who, apart from borrowing of the study literature, have access to organized information, as well as to the independent work on computers. In order to improve teaching, scientific and research work on the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, the Library has constantly been supplied with professional literature, reference literature, scientific and professional journals, materials on electronic media and with access to the relevant data bases.



Bilateralna međusveučilišna razmjena

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Otvoren je natječaj za prijavu studenata i nastavnika na Erasmus+ kombinirani (blended) intenzivni program (BIP) pod nazivom “Forestry and Forest Bioeconomy in Central Europe” kojeg organizira Czech University of Life Sciences Prague iz Češke Republike. Program će se održati kombinirano tijekom ožujka i travnja 2024. godine. Završni tjedan održat će se od 22. do 26. travnja 2024. godine u Pragu. Rok za prijavu je ponedjeljak, 29. siječnja 2024. do 12 sati.

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