Laboratory of Mechanical Wood Processing

The Laboratory of Mechanical Wood Processing (LMOD) is intended for teaching and scientific-professional activities related to the technical courses of the Institute of Processes Engineering. The Laboratory conducts exercises with students of the Department of Wood Technology related to the study of machines and tools for wood processing, treatment quality, technical components of wood and wood materials transportation, and finally of chipped wood. 

LMOD is not a licensed laboratory. However, teaching activities and various professional and scientific researches are  performed within the laboratory.


Main activities of the Laboratory include the non-accredited testing, research, education, publishing and expertise.



  • Research and development of the new methods of measurement
  • Technical consultations
  • Measurements of forces and energy during the mechanical wood processing
  • Quality testing of the treated surface
  • Determination of tool blunting and effects on the cutting edge stability.
  • Determination of the parameters affecting the wood chips properties during processing
  • Control of the effectiveness of the system for wood particulate extraction and transmission by air in relation to the parameters of the system operation and wood particulates
  • Measuring the speed, pressure and flow rate in the system
  • Investigation of the wood dust exposure of workers in mechanical wood processing 
  • Determination of the mass concentration of wood particulates in the air:  by the gravimetric method (HRN EN 481:2007) / photometric method (HRN EN 481:2007; CEN/TR 15230:2005)
  • Workplace atmosphere analysis - definition of the size fraction for the suspended particulate matter measurement. (HRN EN 481:2007; EN 481:1993)
  • Air quality - Particle fraction definition based on sampling size for the evaluation of its impact on health (HRN ISO 7708:1998)
  • Measurement of moisture content in wood chip
  • Publishing - professional and scientific publications

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