Department of Forestry

NPŠO Velika (Training and Forest Research Centre Velika)

For the educational purposes of highly qualified personnel and scientific research activities the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb has been managing a part of the mountain beech forests in the Požega-Slavonia County nearby the town of Velika. The forests were taken over to administration and management in 1963.


The Training and Forest Research Centre Velika is located in the forest area of Duboka in the south-eastern part of the Papuk mountain that belongs to the Slavonian Highlands. At its southern boundary, the facility is located 19 km away from the centre of Požega, the center of Požega-Slavonia County, and 3 km from the municipal centre Velika. The surface of the facility is 754,54 hectares and the altitude between 430 and 780 meters above sea level. It covers the mountain area between the important mountain peaks in this part of the Papuk mountain. Jankovan is located in the north, Lapjak in the south and Češljakovački Vis in the south-east. The surface of the facility itself is delineated by the following boundaries: to the west by the ridgeline from Tisica to Nevoljaši, to the north and north-east by the Papuk ridge or the main ridgeline (up to Češljovački vis, the highest mountain peak in the eastern massif - 820 m above the sea level), and to the south and south-east by the ridge towards Loparna,  Lanište and towards the stream Radiša down to Tisica.

The objective of the management is to obtain the stable economic aspects of the forests that will provide the most favourable economic and biological effect and that will serve as an example of economic beech and other forests in given circumstances, primarily in the hills of the Sava-Drava interfluve.



The first scientific researches at the facility were done by prof.  Ivo Dekanić, PhD, on permanent experimental plots of 1966, and the first results of these studies were published in the reflection document The Management of the Forests in Slavonia in terms of Silviculture. The scientific research as a part of the project  Hundred Permanent Plots of the Republic of Croatia with the teams of forest researchers, biologists, zoologists, etc. was carried out by prof. Đuro Rauš, PhD, by establishing two permanent experimental plots: one in the common ash and mountain maple forest and the other one in a  typical beech forest.

Besides, NPŠO Velika has been visited by various societies for natural sciences (Croatian Ecological Society, Croatian Biological Society, etc.), as well as by foreign scientists and experts visiting the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb for the purposes of work.


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