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Institute of Forest Inventory, Management Planning and Remote Sensing

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Scientific Activity and Projects

The staff of the Institute participate in all stages of biometric analysis during their scientific and research activities, from experiment planning, sampling, measuring, to analysing and interpreting the data. They also participate in the development and validation of various mathematical and statistical models in all areas of forestry. In the field of forestry economics, the Institute conducts research and development of methods and models for determining the forest value, the application of multicriterial, mathematical models in the evaluation of the public forest functions, research on the specifics of business analysis in forestry, marketing in forestry, and the improvement of business in a forestry company. Apart from the above mentioned, the Institute works also on topics related to urban forestry, such as the value of ecosystem services assessments in the field of the environmental economics and eco-tourism. In the field of forest management, the basic area of ​​interest is focused on the research of growth, development and increment of stands, multicriterial and flexible planning of forest resources management, criteria for decision-making on lowland forest management planning under conditions of distorted age structure, dynamics of the sustainable management establishment and the historical reconstruction and projection of the development of forest resources by applying different management models, simulating and predicting the “development” of the selected beech-fir forest stands and the condition and factors influencing their rejuvenation process, investigation of state and possibilities of improving the management of underutilized resources of small private forests in the context of habitat and social change, as well as the impact of natural disasters and the possibilities and dynamics of stands’ recovery.  In the field of remote sensing and geographic information systems the scientific, research and professional activity includes testing the application of remote sensing methods (DI), of  geographic information system (GIS), of global positioning system (GPS), digital model of relief (DMR) in forestry,urban forestry, hunting management, nature and environment protection, for streamlining operations and planning in forestry, monitoring the condition, changes and biodiversity of forests, mapping land cover and land use.

 Professional Activity

Professional activity of the Institute is focused on professional projects design related to forest resources survey and measurement (national and operational inventories), monitoring extreme weather events as a result of climate change, training of authorized forestry engineers through expert lectures organized by the CCISIDT (Croatian Chamber of Forestry and Wood Technology Engineers), approving forest management plans, preparation of legal acts and byelaws, strategies. The professional activity is evident also in the testing of the application of remote sensing methods, GPS, DMR and of GIS for the operation streamlining and planning in forestry, monitoring the condition, changes and biodiversity of forests, mapping land cover and land use.

History of the Institute

The historical development of the present Institute of Forest Inventory and Management was particularly complex over the 120 years of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. With the establishment of the Academy of Forestry in 1898, laboratories and Cabinets (cabinets) were established as working units: The Cabinet for the group of subjects in Forest Landscaping (silviculture, measuring forest resources, dendrometry, forest management) was founded in 1899 and equipped with the objects, collections and library of the same cabinet at the former College of Economy and Forestry in Križevci.  The Head of the Cabinet was prof. Ivan Partaš, succeeded in 1911 by prof. Ðuro Nenadić till 1919 when it was abolished.  The Geodesy Cabinet and other technical subjects (General and Forestry Construction I and II, Technical and Construction Mechanics, Water and Bridge Construction I and II, Road and Rail Construction, Flood Management, Forestry Engineering, Forest Dispatch Equipment, Pier and Dam Construction) was founded and re-edited in 1899 by prof. Vinko Hlavinka. He was the Head of the Cabinet till 1911 when he left for Brno to teach on the Technical College and was succeeded by prof.  Pavao Horvat. At the beginning of the existence of the Academy of Forestry in 1898, the Geodesy Cabinet united all technical subjects at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology. Therefore, it can be said that it created the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Forest Transport Equipment in 1919, which later became the chairs, and today make the integral part of the Institute of Forestry Engineering and Technology. Moreover, the Geodesy Cabinet of the Academy of Forestry was the nucleus of the Faculty of Geodesy of the University of Zagreb in 1908.

In the school year 1919/20, the Faculty of Economy and Forestry of the University of Zagreb took over the role of the Academy of Forestry and was reorganized in accordance with the changes of the curriculum.  This led to establishments of the institutes and chairs as the parts of the current Institute of Forest Inventory and Management, and these were:

  • The Institute of Geodesy with the courses in: Practical geodetic drawings, Plane Surveys, Descriptive Geometry.   Between 1967-1995 The Institute becomes the Chair of Geodesy.
  • The chair of forest management planning with the courses in: Forest Management Planning, Forest Resources Evaluation, Forest Statics.  
  • In 1935 the Institute of Forest Management Planning and Forest Resources Evaluation was founded and took over the functions of the former Chair of Forest Management Planning. In 1947 The Institute changed its name into the Institute of Forest Management Planning and Forestry Economics and all the courses related to the field of economy and law were held there.  In 1960 The Institute was divided into two independent institutes: The Institute of Economics and Organization of Forestry and Wood Industry and the Institute of Forest Management Planning. In 1967 the Institutes become Chairs.
  • The chair of Dendrometry with the courses in: Dendrometry, Forest Protection and Forest Management. The chair changes its name to Institute in 1947. In 1959 the Cabinet of Mathematics was integrated in the Institute. In 1967 The Institute was named the Chair of Dendrometry, from which the Cabinet of Mathematics stands out in 1991.

To conclude, it can be said that in organisational terms, the most significant changes over the 120 years of history were made in 1995 when the single Institute ofForest Management Planning was founded by the Statute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, comprising the former Chair of Forest Management Planning, Chair of Dendrometry, Chair of Geodesy and Chair of Economics and Forestry, and in 2005 when the Institute started to operate under the name of the Institute of Forest Inventory and Management.

Former Heads of the Institutes:

Prof. Šime Meštrović, PhD                           1995 - 1998
Associate Prof. Nikola Lukić, PhD                1998 - 2005
Prof. Jura Čavlović, PhD                              2005 - 2009
Prof. Renata Pernar, PhD                              2009 - 2013
Prof. Mario Božić,  PhD                                2013 - 2017
Associate Prof. Ante Seletković, PhD          2017 -




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