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M.Sc.  Vladimir Koštal Associate Professor of Informatics, CARNet coordinator, ISVU coordinator
phone: +385 1 2352 401
Fax: +385 1 2352 529
Bachelor of Computer Engineering Mihael Šutalo System Engineer
phone: +385 1 2352 422




Information related to digital identity, the use of information and communication technology

The students of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology have the possibility to use the information and communication technology (computers, internet, and through the AAI system all the other CARNet services are available for the students, too). Upon enrolling in the studies, students receive their electronic identity (AAI@Edu.Hr account) which remains active until they leave the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, either by completing or by ceasing the studies.  AAI@Edu.Hr or a student's electronic identity represents at the same time his/her official e-mail address that can be accessed through the web sites CARNet webmail (username: or by selecting CARNet webmail at the website of the faculty (username: user) The electronic identity assignments is performed by the employee of the IT Support Centre (CARNet coordinator or system engineer).

The protocol for opening an account and issuing the AAI identity at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology




"eduroam" wireless internet access at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

The Staff, students having the AAI@EduHr electronic identity can connect to the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology's "eduroam" wireless network.
The access points are set up in two locations: The hall and the library of the yellow building, and the hall on the first and the second floor of the old building.
The configuration procedure for the devices (laptop, computer, smartphone) is described in the link.  Sign in as the end-user with your AAI@EduHr electronic identity and select the installation that suits your operating system.

Free use of the Office365 service for all our students with AAI@EduHR identity

The Office365 service can be used free of charge by all our employees and students with their AAI@EduHR identity (applied to access the studomat).
Office365 is a set of the “cloud-based services” that provide:

  • Team-work
  • Office package in web browser
  • 1 TB of data storage
  • Skype (instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls)
  • Yammer, SharePoint, Videoportal, Sway

More information about the office365 service
Go to Office365



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FŠDT suorganizator i domaćin 1. seminara šumske pedagogije u Hrvatskoj

Na Fakultetu šumarstva i drvne tehnologije Sveučilišta u Zagrebu održan je 29. svibnja 1. seminar šumske pedagogije u organizaciji Centra za šumsku pedagogiju Silva.Rei iz Zagreba i pod pokroviteljstvom Ministarstva poljoprivrede Republike Hrvatske. Domaćin i suorganizator seminara bio je FŠDT, dok su partneri bili Hrvatska komora inženjera šumarstva i drvne tehnologije i Javna ustanova Park prirode Medvednica.


Erasmus+ stručna praksa 2024./25.

1. KRUG Natječaja za mobilnost studenata - Erasmus+ stručna praksa, akademska godina 2024./25.



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