Research with Students / D+EA Presentations & Brainstormings

Dr. Domljan arrived at D+EA on September 26, 2019 according to the project plan. That day a joint meeting with co-leader prof. Elliott and collaborator prof. Evans was held whereby research phases and work opportunities at D+EA were agreed. Collaborate professors introduced Dr. Domljan to graduate students and D+EA professors during the DEA 7100 class on very next day. Students were given a sign-up form and a presentation of the project was announced. Dr. Domljan gave introductory project presentation on October 7, 2019 in front of interested students and D+EA professors. This was followed by joint and individual project meetings and conceptual brainstorming by volunteered students and Dr. Domljan mentoring. Interesting information was gathered, and first ideas and concept proposals discussed. Work with students continued individually and according to the availability of their time. 

The initial results are presented on November 15, 2019 in front of D+EA students and professors.

Some meetings are photo-documented, and images can be viewed in the photo’s gallery.

Photos by: Danijela Domljan, Bill Tong Xu and Sabah Mohammed.


Poslijediplomski doktorski studij šumarstva i drvne tehnologije