Bilateral Exchange

In accordance with the agreements concluded between universities, Bilateral Exchange Programme is based on bilateral agreements concluded between universities, and which the University of Zagreb signs with foreign universities for the implementation of its international activities. Students’ Exchange is just one of the activities provided by these agreements. This type of agreement is generally established for the entire University.

The Candidates for the students’ exchange programmes apply to the contests announced by the University of Zagreb. The contests are announced during the whole academic year, generally at least one semester prior to the beginning of the exchange programme. (Follow the notifications of the Office for International and Inter-Institutional Cooperation!)

The duration of the exchange programme shall be determined in accordance with the invitation letter issued by the Host University. Exchange students remain enrolled at their home university for the duration of their exchange programme. The category of students who are obliged to participate in the costs of studies, are required to continue paying the participation costs during the exchange programme as well. Exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fee at a foreign university.

Prior to applying for the Call for tenders, all students interested in the exchange programmes are obliged to study and, in agreement with the ECTS Faculty Coordinator, compare the programmes of studies between their home university and the foreign university, and shall get advised on the courses they may follow and take exam in at the faculty abroad.

Each student before leaving for the exchange programme has to sign the Learning Agreement, which shall be signed by the student, home faculty/academy (sending institution) and the institution abroad (receiving institution). The home faculty has to recognize the learning outcome for the successfully accomplished activity during the student exchange period in accordance with the Learning Agreement. The recognition is performed by the Faculty.

Based on the inter-institutional agreements, students can be granted support required for mobility from the University of Zagreb funds or from the funds of the receiving university.  Students travelling for mobility purposes outside the European continent, have normally their travelling expenses covered, up to the maximum amount of 5.000 kuna.

The Selection of candidates is made by the Committee for International Cooperation of the University of Zagreb, and the basic selection criteria for the students are: motivation letter, academic success, knowledge of the foreign language in which teaching at the foreign university is performed.

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