Dean’s Office

The members of the Dean's Office perform general and administrative tasks for the needs of the Faculty and of the Dean. From the organizational point of view, to the Dean's Office belong Dean and Vice Deans, who are also the members of their Institutes.

Dean's Secretary:  Jasna Križan, BA. admin. publ. By the end of 2016, after almost 43 years of service, the Secretary of the Dean's office, Mrs. Vesna Biljan, retired.

Offices operating within the Dean's Office:

  • Quality Management Office (employee:  Valentina Stričak),
  • Office for International and Inter-Institutional Cooperation (Head of the Office: Vice-Dean for International Cooperation, Employee: Katarina Korov and ECTS Coordinator
    Asst. Prof. Andreja Pirc Barčić, Ph. D.
  • Digital Repository of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (Head:  Tajana Meštrović, Master of Engineering),

Davor Pavlović – Senior Lecturer in Physical and Health Education.

Suzana Zebic works as a courier at the Faculty.


Faculty Council 

According to the Statute of the Faculty, the governing bodies of the Faculty are: the Dean and the Faculty Council. 

The Dean of the Faculty manages the Faculty. He is the Head and the Leader of the Faculty.  The Dean is assisted by four Vice Deans:

  • Vice Dean of the Department of Forestry
  • Vice Dean of the Department of Wood Technology
  • Vice Dean for the Scientific and Research Activities
  • Vice Dean for International Cooperation

Faculty Council is a professional council of the Faculty composed of the following representatives (45):

  • The Dean and four Vice Deans (by function)
  • 30 representatives of teachers elected to the scientific-teaching profession, 15 from the Departments of Forestry and Wood Technology,
  • Two assistant/novices’ representatives, one from each Department, ie. Department of Forestry and Department of Wood Technology
  • Seven students, three from each Department, i.e. the Department of Forestry and Department of Wood Technology, and one student from the postgraduate doctoral studies.,
  • One representative of the other employees.

Faculty Council at regular and extraordinary sessions:

  • adopts the Statute of the Faculty
  • elects the Dean and Vice Deans
  • conducts the elections for Senate members
  • conducts the elections for the Council area members
  • accepts the Dean’s annual report
  • adopts the budget and the final statement of account of the Faculty
  • takes care and makes decisions to ensure the quality of studies and scientific activities
  • Commences the procedure for the adoption of curricula, studies, scientific projects and provides opinion on the proposal of the university curricula as a whole or in parts in respective operational fields. 
  • establishes the new and develops the existing research capacities for the relevant scientific branch.
  • Commences and conducts the election procedures for scientific and teaching professions, as well as other professions, in accordance with the Law and the Statute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology.
  • appoints study programme and course directors
  • provides conditions for individual freedom and initiative as well as for the groups of researchers, teachers and students in scientific, teaching and professional activities.
  • proposes nominees to the University Senate for the honorary title professor emeritus
  • Provides opinion on the purchase, installation and use of the large equipment at the University in the own areas of activity.
  • Gives the consent to the Dean to perform legal acts on behalf and for the account of the Faculty in the value above HRK 1,000,000.00 up to HRK 3,000,000.00
  • adopts general acts of the Faculty
  • performs other tasks defined by the Law, the Statute of the University and the Statute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology


The Faculty has:

  • Educational Quality Committee (the Educational Quality Committee consists of: Vice Dean of the Department of Forestry and Vice Dean of the Department of Wood Technology and a student representative)
  • Teacher Selection Committee (the Teacher Selection Committee consists of: four teachers of the scientific-educational profession as a full professor, two from each Department)
  • Student Affairs Committee (the Student Affairs Committee consists of: Vice Dean of the Department of Forestry and Vice Dean of the Department of Wood Technology, Secretary of the Faculty, Head of the Student Administration Office, student representatives)
  • Publishing Committee (the Publishing Committee consists of: Vice Deans of the Departments, publishing directors the of university journals: Glasnika za šumske pokuse (Herald of Forest Experiments), Drvne industrije (Wood Industries) and Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering)
  • Promotion Committee (the Promotion Committee promotes and presents all the activities of the Faculty and is composed of four Vice Deans and other people elected by the Dean)

The scope, composition and the mode of operation of the Committee is determined by the Decision on their establishment in accordance with the Statute of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and the Statute of the University of Zagreb.




Accounting and Financial Services

The Accounting and Financial Services represents an organizational unit that performs accounting, bookkeeping and financial operations, and consists of the following departments:

  • Bookkeeping Department (employees:  Duška Šestan, Bachelor of Economy.; Valentina Fulir);
  • Financial Department (employee: Tanja Pintar);
  • Department for Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements (all employees)

 Head of the Organizational Unit is Ana Dominiković, Master of Economy


Faculty Secretary's Office

The Faculty Secretary’s Office is an organizational unit of the Faculty where the professional, administrative, statistical, technical and auxiliary activities are carried out, and it consists of the following departments:

  • General Affairs Department (employees: Zoran Hodak, Martin Rončević, Krunoslav Rustan and Tomislav Topić – security staff; Marijan Mikac – bus driver; Miroslav Markić – archivist); 
  • Human Resources Affairs (employees: Snježana Nekoksa – Head of professional bodies and Human Resources Affairs);
  • Student Affairs Department – Student Administration Office (Employees: Danijela Piršljin Bunjevčević – Head of the Student Administration Office (At the beginning of 2018, after 42 years of service, Mrs. Vlasta Dvoršćak, Head of the Student Administration Office, retired; Branka Devčić and Mirjana Prša – expert officers);
  • Maintenance department (Employees:  Ivica Dujak – fireman/stoker; Hrvoje Kos - carpenter; Sonja Bedić, Snježana Fiket, Gordana Kozole and Slavica Škojc – cleaning staff);
  • Department of the Library (Employee:  Marisstella Octek, prof. - Head of the Library):
  • IT Department (Employees: M.Sc.  Vladimir Koštal, System Engineer; Mihael Šutalo, Uni. Bachelor of Computer Engineering);
  • Public Procurement Department (Employee:  Iva Rimac, Master of Law – Head of Public Procurement and Danijela Vukušić, administrative officer). 

Head of the Organizational Unit is the Faculty Secretary Ljubica Štos, Master of Law.



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