Department of Forestry

Department of Forestry

The Department of Forestry of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb (ŠO), originates from the College of Agriculture and Forestry in Križevci founded in 1860 and the Academy of Forestry founded in 1898 in Zagreb as the fourth higher education institution of the University of Zagreb. The undergraduate and graduate studies of Forestry and of Urban Forestry, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection conducted in the Department of Forestry are the only studies of this type organized at the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Croatia, and which are designed for the education of professional in the field of Forest Sciences.  So far, about 7000 engineers in Forestry have graduated from the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the University of Zagreb.

Starting with the academic year 2005/2006 new curricula for the undergraduate studies have been implemented at the Department of Forestry: Forestry and Urban Forestry, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection as well as the graduate studies of Forestry with two programmes: the Programme in Silviculture and Forest Management Planning with Wildlife Management and the Programme in Techniques, Technologies and Forestry Management and the graduate studies of Urban Forestry, Nature Conservation and Environmental Protection. 

Moreover, the programmes for the new postgraduate specialist and doctoral studies were also developed and accepted. The Department of Forestry organizes and implements a life-long education concept for Forestry experts at all levels.  
The study programmes are carried out in the classrooms and laboratories in the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, on training and forest research centres, in the Forest Garden, on the ranges of Hrvatske šume d.o.o. (Croatian Forests Ltd) in Zagreb, as well as on the ranges of other companies chosen by the lecturers.  

Scientific and research activities are carried out through the scientific, research and technological projects of MSES, through international scientific and research projects, through projects conducted in collaboration with different economic entities and other institutions. The research results of the Department of Forestry are recognized by their applicability in operational forestry and have been presented at the conferences in the country and abroad.  

A large number of scientific and professional journals have been published by the Department of Forestry: Glasnik za šumske pokuse (Herald of Forest Experiments), Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering and Nova mehanizacija šumarstva (The New Mechanisation of Forestry). 

The scientific and professional activities of the Department of Forestry are held in the respective Institutes. There are 6 institutes, 5 te training and forest research centres and 10 laboratories within the Department of Forestry: 

Institutes in the Department of Forestry

  • Institute of Forest Ecology and Silviculture
  • Institute of Forest Inventory and Management
  • Institute of Forest Genetics, Dendrology and Botany
  • Institute of Forest Engineering 
  • Institute of Forest Protection and Wildlife Management
  • Institute of Training and Forest Research Centres (NPŠO)

Laboratories of the Department of Forestry

  • Laboratory of Ecology and Pedology
  • Laboratory of Technical and Technological Measurements in Forestry
  • Laboratory of Measurement of Forest Resources
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Laboratory of Tree Pathology
  • Laboratory of Forest Seed and Nursery Production
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Forest Biomass
  • Laboratory of Forestry Zoology
  • Dendroecological Laboratory

Training and forest research centres of the Department of Forestry

  • NPŠO Zagreb
  • NPŠO Lipovljani
  • NPŠO Zalesina
  • NPŠO Velika
  • NPŠO Rab


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