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Forestry botany - Morphology of plants

ŠP1004N - obavezni
Opterećenje: 15(P) + 30(L) + 0(A) + 0(PK) + 0(S) + 0(TJ) + 0(SJ) + 0(T)
Cilj predmeta: Students are introduced to the basic botanical concepts that are the basis of other courses in higher years. In addition, they learn about the anatomical and morphological structure and function of plant cells, tissues and organs. All this enables them to understand the functioning and role of plants in the ecosystems in which they will work after completing their studies.
Sadržaj predmeta: Lectures 1. Introduction, historical development. Basic organization of the plant body. (1h) 2. Cytology - Protoplast, Cell wall. Cell nucleus - chromatin, chromosomes, DNA. Divisions of plant cells - mitosis, meiosis. (2h) 3. Histology - general features, cell types. Primary factory cell. Secondary factory cells. Permanent cellular. Skin cells. Vascular cells - development of conducting vessels, types and structure of conducting vessels. (2h) 4. Morphology of vegetative organs. Primary and secondary growth. Growth in thickness. Root - root structure, root types, root transformations. Sprout - structure of the shoot, transformations of the shoot, anatomical structure of the wood. (2h) 5. Morphology of vegetative organs. Leaf – texture, shape, polymorphism, leaf duration, leaf transformations. Morphological adaptations to stressful environmental conditions. (2h) 6. Morphology of reproductive organs. Change of generations. Sporangia and sporophylls, Gametophyte, (2h) 7. Morphology of reproductive organs. Flower. Pollen. Inflorescence. (2h) 8. Pollination and fertilization. Seed. Fruit - anatomical structure, classification. Fruit dispersion. Germination and germ. (2h) Exercises 1. Getting to know the work in the practicum. Structure of a microscope. Basics of microscopy. Making preparations. Observation of plant cells at low magnification. (2h) 2. Movement of the cytoplasm. Living and non-living parts of a plant cell. Vegetative top of the stem on a longitudinal section. Tissue division. Primary meristem, initial cells. (2h) 3. Amaryllidaceous and gramineous type of wood. Observation of leaf epidermis. Moving to a large increase. Opening and closing the hatch. (2h) 4. Leaf parts. Leaf shapes. Anatomical structure of dorsiventral and concentric leaf. Assimilation and transpiration parenchyma. Leaves of light and shadow. (4h) 5. Forms and appearance of the shoot. Navels. Stem conversions. (2h) 6. Primary structure of the dicot-gymnosperm stem. Primary bark. Central cylinder. Types of vascular cells. Open collateral vessel. (2h) 7. Structure of a monocot stem. Closed collateral vessel. (2h) 8. Types and transformations of roots. Primary root structure. Vegetative tip of the root. Root hairs. Radial vessel. (2h) 9. Structure of the periderm. Structure and appearance of the bark. Lenticels. (2h) 10. Structure of wood - gymnosperms and angiosperms. Characteristic wood sections. (4h) 11. Flower morphology. Anatomical structure of individual parts of the flower. Pollen morphology. (2h) 12. Structure of seeds - gymnosperms, angiosperms. (2h) 13. Types of fruits. Fruit structure. (2h)
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prof. Željko Škvorc

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Assistant prof. Daniel Krstonošić PhD

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