Department of Wood Technology

Production of solid wood biofuels

Opterećenje: 30+15+0
Sadržaj predmeta: 1. P - Sources of biomass – forest biomass, agricultural biomass, fast-growing biomass (KKO), aquatic biomass 2. P + V - Establishment of plantations of fast-growing crops (KKO), energy analysis of KKO in relation to agricultural and forest biomass 3. P + V - Conversion factors for different types of biomass (biofuels) and humidity conditions. 4. P- Technological procedure for the production of briquettes and pellets; Production stages: transport, peeling, shredding, metal separation, drying, conditioning, pelletizing, screening, cooling, packaging, storage 5. P - Influence of production parameters on pellet quality (drying, moistening, additives in production, temperature and pressure, chemical composition of biomass, particle size, cooling) 6. P+V - Selection, preparation and shredding of samples for laboratory production of pellets 7. P+V- Mixing and conditioning of samples, granulometric analysis of raw materials 8. P+V- Chemical analysis of raw material for the production of pellets; Additives in the production of pellets 9. P+V- Laboratory production and analysis of the pellet production process according to experience data and scientific knowledge 10. P+V- Laboratory pressing of pellets according to predefined parameters i scientific knowledge 11. P+V- Analysis of the properties of laboratory-produced pellets (density, mechanical properties, resistance to external influences) 12. P+V- Determination of dimensions, mass, mechanical properties and external resistance the effects of the produced pellets 13. P- Modeling of the pellet production process - definition of pressing and compression pressure ratio V- Analysis of laboratory production of pellets and development of models and parameters for industrial production production 14. P- Solid biofuel combustion systems; Boilers and boiler plants and cogeneration 15. P+V- Designing a system for burning solid biofuels (choice of boiler, calculation required quantities and sizes of tanks, system for automatic dosing of fuel into the combustion chamber), utility of the boiler/system

Obvezna literatura:

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