Department of Wood Technology

Business communication in English

Opterećenje: 15+30
Sadržaj predmeta: 1. Introduction to the course (ppt) 2. Unit 1 – No Place Like Home Reading: An inspirational story 3. Revision Language review: Describing trends Dealing with tenses 4. Cultures Listening: Cultural differences Idioms 5. Reading: Culture shock Language review: Advice, obligation and necessity 6. Vocabulary Climate Change 7. Reading: Amazon Forest 8. Environment Vocabulary Listening: Helping environmental research 9. Unit 5: An Eye to the Future 10. Deforestation (Forestry Journals) Vocabulary-Right or wrong 11. Species, Plants, Animals, Trees 12. Grammar: Narrative tenses National Parks (Exchanging Information) 13. Unit 11: The ends of the Earth Geographical Expressions 14. Sustainable Forest Management 15. Presentation, Course Review

Obvezna literatura:


1. Headway, Upper Intermediate&Advanced 

2. Forestry and Wood technology Journals_odabrani znastveni članci





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