Department of Wood Technology

Basics of wood harvesting

Opterećenje: P30+A15+T8
Cilj predmeta: The subject matter of the course is directed towards the knowledge required for the educational profile, a above all, they relate to the knowledge of forest products, wood veneers, which are raw materials the basis of wood processing and the methods and features of techniques and technologies for their production and transport to the wood processing plant.
Sadržaj predmeta: The lectures consist of the following objectives: Introduction to wood harvesting - scope, purpose and goal subject; Limiting factors of wood extraction (social, field, stand, customer position, "5E" criteria); Felling (demolition) of trees with a chainsaw; Wood production chainsaw; Classification of manufactured wood, assortment structure; Mechanized cutting and processing of wood; Introduction to wood transport and indicators of forest accessibility; Attracting wood forest vehicles; Carrying out wood by forest cable cars and helicopter; Wood transportation trucks; Long-distance transport of wood by rail and waterways; Acquisition of forest biomass for energy; Causes and consequences of damage to stands and habitats by harvesting wood; Measures to reduce damage to stands and habitats by harvesting wood; Systems wood extraction. The exercises thematically follow the teaching units of the lectures and are divided into the following units: Measurement of wood; Errors and irregularities in wood I (irregularities in the shape of the cladding wood, irregularities in the anatomical structure of wood); Errors and irregularities of wood II (irregularities of wood due to physical and mechanical influences, changes in the color (and) consistency of the wood, damage from insects); Classification of deciduous and coniferous wood by purpose (JUS); Classification of hardwoods and conifers by quality (EN); Evaluation of the tree in the deeper state; Calculation of the felling plan; Components of the Worksite Elaboration; Determining the optimal distance between forest trees the road; Calculation of productivity and costs of hauling wood with a skidder; Productivity calculation i costs of wood export by forwarder; Analysis of the effect and costs of wood transport by truck; Preparation for the measurement field course "Utilization of wood during felling and production of oak in Luznjak"; Data processing from measurement field training; Analysis of the results obtained from the measurement field classes Students acquire practical skills through the measurement field teaching "Usage during felling i production of Luznjak oak wood".

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